Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ABC4 Arrives in South Africa for Film Project

I would like to share a note from the field from our "Man in Africa" ABC 4 (Andy Casagrande) :

Hey bro - I know you are already probably on the road - but wanted to wish you safe and crazy and fun travels man! It's great to be back in Africa and all is well with me - all the gear and crew made it and we should make a cool show that hopefully you won't call me a "douche" bag after! ;-) Keep in touch man and good luck! Let me know when I should try to plan to come out and visit you in Guadalupe ok bro! - Keep it real and keep up the blog! I love it! - ABC4

PS: If you see any of these BABY GWS - please give them a hug for me - ABC4

ABC4 just arrived in Capetown for a Discovery Channel shoot with white sharks there.
I will be posting more from ABC4 soon. Stay Tuned!


Battle for survival at South East Farallon Island

The Ultimate Shark Dive