Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We are in Cabo San Lucas, Baja on the second leg of the BAJA INVASION TOUR.
After an amazing visit to Guadalupe Island last week, now I am off to the Revillagigedos Islands on board the Solmar V

Myself and a few very lucky shark fans will be enjoying 9 days of nonstop action, diving at Isla San Benedicto, Isla Socrro, and Roca Partida. Word has it that San Benedicto has a new resident, a 6.5 meter Tiger shark has been visiting the Solmar V crew lately. We will be looking forward to meeting this new "Amiga" on this trip.

Mean time we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the local "cultural" attractions here in Cabo.
We will be entertained this evening at The Cabo Wabo Cantina where the Waboritas shall flow endlessly and the rock music will be deafening. So don't be expecting any early morning posts from us manana! \m/

Yours in sharks,
Lorenzo :)~


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