Friday, October 22, 2010

2010 Guadalupe Season Completed Home for CRUSH!

What perfect timing, to return home after a tremendously successful Guadalupe Island white shark season just in time for crush at the Groth Vineyards. It was a very long night that turned into a very beautiful day.
I arrived home to the San Francisco Bay Area at 6 am after a long drive from Ensenada/San Diego.
We had spent the last two days demobilizing the Solmar V and getting her and her crew on their way back home to Cabo. Then getting all of our gear back into storage in San Diego. Loaded up the SPSC in the mobile support trailer and headed north for a 2 week filming expedition at the Farallon Islands.

It was great to be home and specially in time for crush at the Groth Winery!

I had not been home for 4 months and I had really missed everybody. It was great to see my mom and sister Lori and cousins Suzanne and Andrew and of course my son Jake.

Mom, Judy, Suzanne, Lori Groth

Dennis Groth " The Godfather" and Bill Groth

Jake Lori and Bill

Me and son Jake

Crush is a very busy time at the winery and work starts early at 1am to harvest the fruit while it is cool.

This my Shark Fans is the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve starting on its way to become the finest California Cab to found on the market. Groth Cab Reserve is one of the most award winning California wines in history!

It always fun to be drinking nice refreshing Sauvignon Blanc while we watch the crush happening! 

Lori and Suzanne Groth

Just one of the 3 fermentation tank rooms. Groth can produce 600 tons of fruit per crush.

My Boy!

Bro and sister

Me and sister Lori

Nice lunch at Bottega in Napa

Good and Happy times!

It is good to be home but I already miss my sharks.

But I will be at the Farallons starting 10/27 and then back to Guadalupe on November 27th for a 15 day film shoot. So stay tuned!

May the sharks be with you all


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